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In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it's all too easy to lose sight of the magic unfolding before our very eyes. But as parents, we have the incredible privilege of witnessing our children flourish, expressing their vibrant spirits through the art of dance. As the highly anticipated "At the Movies" show approaches, let us take a moment to dive deep into our hearts, reconnecting with the profound emotions that bind us to our children's journey. With hearts brimming with gratitude, we embark on a soul-stirring exploration of their dedication, their growth, and the transformative power of their performances.

A Symphony of Effort and Sacrifice:
The path to greatness is never smooth or effortless. It demands unyielding dedication and unwavering support from both the young performers and their loving parents. We, the steadfast pillars of their dreams, endure countless late nights, ceaseless drives to the studio, and the bittersweet exhaustion of long rehearsals. Yet, it is within these sacrifices that a symphony of love and devotion is played. The hours invested, the sacrifices made – they are woven into the tapestry of our children's success.

Unveiling the Radiance of Confidence:
When the curtains rise and our children take their place on that resplendent stage, an inexplicable surge of emotion washes over us. It is a moment of breathtaking revelation as we witness their radiant confidence and unshakable focus. In the twinkle of their eyes and the grace of their movements, we catch a glimpse of their blossoming wings. Our hearts swell with pride, knowing that through their journey in dance, they are learning to embrace their own unique brilliance, defying limitations and transforming into stars that light up the world.

The Eternal Echoes of Fulfillment:
The rewards of their tireless efforts extend far beyond the spotlight. As parents, we are the privileged witnesses to the transformative impact dance has on our children's lives. In those stolen moments backstage, we see their growth etched upon their faces – a vibrant blend of exhaustion, exhilaration, and uncontainable joy. It is a glimpse into their souls, a window to their dreams. These are the moments that will forever be etched in the depths of our hearts, becoming cherished memories that warm our spirits and fill us with profound fulfillment.

A Journey of Resilience and Self-Belief:
Through the lens of "At the Movies," our children navigate a journey laden with challenges and setbacks. They learn the invaluable lesson that greatness is not handed out freely; it is earned through perseverance, resilience, and unwavering self-belief. As we witness their determination in the face of exhaustion, we bear witness to the birth of their indomitable spirits. And in that sacred space, we realize that by instilling in them the courage to persist, we are endowing them with a lifelong gift—a belief in themselves that will guide them through every twist and turn in their journey.

An Ode to Time's Fleeting Dance:
In the whirlwind of routines, it's easy to overlook the fleeting nature of these transformative moments. The drives to the studio, the long rehearsals, the anticipation that builds in our hearts—all of it weaves together to create a tapestry of memories that will one day be the threads that anchor our souls. Let us pause, breathe in the essence of this cherished chapter in our children's lives, and etch every precious second into the depths of our being. For when the echoes of applause fade and the final bow is taken, we will long to relive these exquisite moments, wishing to once again witness the sheer magic that danced upon the stage.

Summer Camp Is Almost Here!

As the end of May approaches, we’re closer to summer months and all of the activities that come with school being out! One of the most engaging actives for kids during the summer is attending summer camp. Just because school is out, that doesn’t mean kids can’t find ways to stay active and spend time with their friends. The eight weeks between school ending and starting provides a vital opportunity to grow and gain an advantage in life skills. There are also camps that allow kids to focus on their favorite sports or extracurricular activities. For example, summer camp at Mady’s Dance Factory’s places an emphasis on dance technique and performance. Below we’ve listed some of the top reasons why summer camp is important!

  1. Summer dance camp helps dancers work on their technique or learn something new. Dance is a sport and learned technique that requires practice. Taking a few months off increases the risk that kids forget the skills they’ve worked hard to learn. By attending a dance camp over the summer, they’ll be able to continue perfecting their talents and even learn new styles of dance.
  2. Summer camp eases the absence from school. Making the transition to summer can be tough for kids. They’re without their friends, teachers, and daily routines. Summer camp provides an environment for kids to be active without electronics and video games. This break encourages them to discover their creativity and interests.
  3. Summer camp instills and helps to build confidence. With activity and growth comes success and failure. Whether it’s basketball or dance, each activity comes with its own set of milestones and tests. These may be familiar to your child or something brand new. By getting into the dance studio and learning how to properly turn or leap, an increase in confidence will result.
  4. Summer camp provides an opportunity to make friends. Camp is the place where kids make some of their best friends. All the fun they’ll have at camp allows them to bond over activities, dance together, laugh, and have a great time.
  5. Summer encourages personal growth. Camp is the perfect place for kids to practice making decisions for themselves and figure out how to tackle problems. Children can lean on their peers for support as well as their teachers. As decision marking continues, children will feel more comfortable being independent.

If you’re looking for a summer camp where your child will learn dance techniques, make friends, and build confidence, check out the summer camp at Mady’s Dance Factory. Our camp is open to ages 5 to 17 and each week focuses on a different theme or dance skill. Spots are limited, so don’t wait to sign up!

Summer Dance Camp Juniors Video

Summer Dance Camp Mini  Video

As staying at home becomes our new normal, it’s important to continue to do the things that make us happy and are a part of our daily routines. For many of us, this is dance! While nothing can ever replace the face to face interaction of an in-studio dance class, virtual classes offer the next best thing. Online dance classes have many benefits for dancers. We’ve listed just a few of them below!

Routine and Normalcy

Virtual dance classes allow dancers to continue an activity at home that’s an important component of their daily routine. Even when you're stuck indoors, you can still do many of the things you enjoy and maintain a sense of normalcy.

Social Interaction

Dancing from home provides interaction with instructors and other dancers. During this social distancing period, it’s important to have contact with friends and communicate!

Practice Makes Perfect

Dance is an exercise and requires consistent practice to maintain form, technique, posture, and stamina. Online dance education is a continuation of the skills and techniques dancers have already learned in class. By taking a virtual dance class, you'll be guided by an instructor who will help you in improving your dance skills and learning new ones.

Try Different Styles

Virtual dance classes also give you more flexibility in schedule and the opportunity to take classes you normally wouldn’t. Use this time to step out of your comfort zone and learn a new style of dance like contemporary, hip hop, jazz or ballet.

Mental Health

Dancing has been shown to raise endorphin levels and elevate your mood. Finding ways to cope with your mental and physical health is very important during this quarantine period. Dance provides the perfect outlet to eliminate stress and create a positive mindset!

We couldn't imagine a world without dance! If you're looking for virtual dance classes, Mady's Dance Factory offers a weekly schedule of ballet, hip hop, contemporary, acrobatics and toddlers dance classes. Contact us at to get more information and signup.

Meet Some Of Our Dancers And Their Love for Virtual Classes:





Anyone who enjoys dance or has a true passion for it knows that commitment and consistency are vitally important. This is especially true if you are in a competition or looking to make a career of it. In most cases, dancing is a sport. The more you practice and the more time you spend honing your skills, the better you will become. The more time you spend honing your craft, the more effortless it will become.

Commitment to Honing Your Talent
Some believe that dancing is a gift. It's a talent that you can practice, just like playing the piano or drawing a sketch. If you want to excel at what you love and take your skills to the next level, you need to make a commitment to both yourself and your craft to continue to work as hard as you can and learn as much as you can. Sticking to this commitment will give you the drive you need to continue to move forward.

Consistency Reduces the Risk of Injury
Dance requires agility. The more you dance, the more agile you become. The more time you spend dancing, the stronger your muscles and joints become. Once you begin this process of exercising your body in this manner, maintaining a level of consistency is a must. If you stop for any length of time, you can't just jump back into your normal dance routine. Doing so could increase your risk of injury tremendously. Maintaining a constant training schedule reduces your risk of injury and keeps your body in top form. On the days you can't dance, practice some other form of exercise like yoga or Pilates. Any type of activity that keeps your body moving in a manner that it is used to will be beneficial.

Practice Always Makes Perfect
When it comes to dance, "practice makes perfect" truly applies. A strong commitment to practice will allow you to steadily improve. You will gradually reach each milestone you set for yourself and eventually will reach your ultimate goal, no matter what that goal may be. Whether you are working towards winning a competition or would like to become a professional dancer, practicing and challenging yourself to always improve, even if it is small steps, is always important.

Commitment and consistency is of the utmost importance no matter what task you are trying to complete. With dance, committing yourself to continued improvement through practicing and pushing yourself to reach new heights will always be an important part of whatever you do. Never take your skills for granted! Continue to move forward and consistently set new goals. With hard work and dedication, there's no doubt that you will achieve them and so much more!

When it comes to options for Summer camp, the opportunities are endless. While most think of outdoor activities or band camp, your child may be more passionate about something else, like dance. Dance camps offer benefits that allow kids to grow, as well as explore their creativity. Dance camps also offer a chance for your child to improve, not only their physical health, but also all of their motor skills.

Music Soothes the Soul
While dance moves the body, music soothes the soul. Children and young adults often look to music as a way of learning, as well as a way to relax and unwind. From when children are first taught how to speak, parents use music to help their children remember important lessons. A good example of this is the Alphabet Song. As the kids get older, their choice of music may change, but it doesn't change the fact that they turn to music as a way of expressing emotion or feeling. For some, it's a type of release that allows them to relax and focus their thoughts.

Fitness and Fun
Dance camp gives your child the opportunity to learn fun routines while also learning the relationship between music and movement. Dancing offers many benefits, including physical fitness. It improves both rhythm and balance. Most dances involve a variety of movements that strengthen joints and improve flexibility. In addition to the physical benefits, the increased activity releases endorphins in the brain that improve mood and overall brain function. Dance means exercise for both the body and the brain!

New Friendships
In any type of camp atmosphere, children and teens are able to meet peers from all different cultures. New, lifelong friendships are formed through a genuine love of music and dance. Sometimes children and teens who would have never met otherwise can form lasting relationships through their shared passion for dance and the music that drives it. Dance camps provide the perfect atmosphere for students to share their love of music, and create strong friendships.

If your child has a love for music and dance, then they'll love our summer camp program here at Mady's Dance Factory!

Today we’d like to introduce you to Mady Richmond.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Mady. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
Starting my own dance studio was my heart’s desire since I was a kid. There were so many business obstacles that made the start so far away, almost too far to grasp. Finding the love of my life and marrying my husband at the end of 2014, lead me to find a business partner, along with my best friend for life. Who you do business with and the people that make the organization are one of the keys to being successful that I have learned. We started the dance company with only 3 students and have grown it to over 250 today.

Has it been a smooth road?
A huge life interruption that took place when we first opened our doors in 2015, took my life in a drastic unexpected direction. During one of my dance rehearsals, I fell doing a jump and tore my ACL and meniscus. This could have stopped the business completely and I could have shut the doors with the impression that I had failed. Instead, as my husband encouraged me to continue to build the company and the brand, we ended up expanding in personnel, classes offered and had many more involvements in local events. Focusing on the business, gave me the time that I now had recovering from surgery to perfect the brand. After a year of physical therapy and recovery, I got back on the dance floor and now enjoy teaching dance again. Last year, I was thrilled to have Lynn Martinez from Deco Drive come to film an episode of my adult women’s dance fitness class, called Slay Fitness. I am also honored to have been invited to many TV network production sets as a lead choreographer. Both Nickelodeon and MTV are consistent clients that I am happy to work for.

Advice that I give to other young women starting their journey is to enjoy the challenges in life because they are what define you. A life interruption that could break you, may just help you get to the next level if you change your perspective.

We’d love to hear more about Mady’s Dance Factory.
Mady’s Dance Factory is a performance-based dance studio located in Miami, in the MiMo district by Iron Side pizza. We perform in all sorts of events from local parades to non-profit fundraising events to professional sport team events. Events such as the Susan G Koman Breast Cancer walk, Disney performances and Miami Heat halftime shows are exciting for us to continue to do year after year. Many types of dance for kids and adults to include Ballet, Jazz, hip-hop, Acro, Contemporary and Tap are offered at our dance center of over 3,500 sf. I serve as the Creative Director and lead choreographer for our performances, shows, events, and competitions. Leading a team of almost 20 staff and instructors is no small feat.

We find ourselves building up esteem and self-confidence in many young women’s lives. The influence that we have on shaping lives is invaluable. Developing and investing in girls and young women is something I will always do, and the dance studio is the perfect place. So many stories of abuse, emotional disorders, learning disabilities and family tragedies fall into my path on a daily basis. I love to encourage, lead and most importantly offer the safe place where women can feel comfortable about who they are and confident in who they can become. We are most proud of the non-profit work we do in offering scholarships to underprivileged dancers who want to have dance in their lives but do not have the means.

So much of the media coverage is focused on the challenges facing women today, but what about the opportunities? Do you feel there are any opportunities that women are particularly well positioned for?
There are always opportunities is what I believe, the question is “do we see them?”. In my life, despite losing my parents at a young age, I worked hard at a young age, always hustling for the next job. I was able to put myself through school without any help from anyone, achieving masters and a specialist degree. As a young minority woman, have a teaching career and a sustainable independent life was quite an accomplishment with the adversities I faced. My work ethic and responsibility attribute to the life I have today. Being the owner of Mady’s Dance Factory allows me to provide new opportunities and growth for young woman everyday. Women can do anything they put their minds to with enough hard work and perseverance. Perspective and faith will allow you to achieve the impossible in this life journey.

Contact Info:

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Brickstone Media

The definition of, choreography, is: “the art of symbolically representing dancing.” Dancing is a way of moving the body to express meaning and ideas or tell a story. Mady’s Dance Factory has classes for all types of dance including hip hop, ballet, jazz and tap, acrobatics, and more, as well as many classes for adults. We want to teach our dancers a variety of movements so they can explore developing their own choreography that expresses their unique ideas or story they want to tell.


By experimenting with different dance types and using their imagination, students are able to artistically express their personality—their own individuality—through dance. Students can select from their “choreography toolkit” the dance types they want to use to design an original routine illustrating who they are. Our Leaps and Turns class challenges dancers to hone their technique of specific movements enabling them to better articulate meaning through motion. Check out our monthly dance challenges for a creative outlet!


Working with others to design routines and performing team choreography in sync with one another cultivates a supportive and collaborative environment. In our Acro class, students are gently guided to increase their flexibility and balance and learn discipline and muscle control. Working on teams requires concentration, the ability to remain focused, and the willingness to compromise. These are valuable skills to have both in school and in today’s work environment.


Whether one of our dancers wants to continue dancing in preparation to be a professional dancer or for the motivation it gives them to pursue their own passions, developing choreography increases students’ professionalism. A large part of developing a dance routine involves understanding one’s audience and making it interesting for them. While a choreographer strives to express their individuality, they must also make their performance entertaining and enjoyable. Our choreographers and dancers spend a great deal of time inventing, revising, and practicing their routines in order to ensure their dance routine engages their audience.


Choreography is the arrangements of movements that a dancer performs to express meaning, share ideas, and tell a story. Choreography stimulates dancers’ personal development, mentally challenges dancers, and polishes students’ professionalism. Most of all, dancing motivates students to inspire others by sharing their passion for dance.

Welcome to Our New Miami Dance Studio

What do a bounce house, customized cupcakes, Bernie from the Miami Heat, food trucks and Mady’s abuela have in common? They were all part of the grand opening and ribbon cutting of our new Miami dance studio location.

We were thrilled to welcome hundreds of our dancers, their families, community members and future dancers to the new studio on June 10th.

What makes Mady’s Dance Factory’s new location so much better?  Let’s break down what our additional space is letting us accomplish:

  1. More Teen Classes

With multiple dance rooms, we now have the ability to add additional teen classes!  Check out Tumbling, Ballet Pointe, Jazz/Leaps and Turns, Jazz Funk, Hip Hop for 13 year olds to adults, and the always popular – Open Class with Mady!  There’s something for every type of teen dancer.

  1. Additional Classes for our Fierce, Grown Females

Miami ladies, rejoice!  Miami moms looking for some me-time or boss babes looking to work up a sweat now have more class options:

We promise those great endorphins you’re working up will carry you right through the week!

  1. Brickstone Media Photography Studio

Our professional photography partner Brickstone Media now has a permanent home inside Mady’s Dance Factory.  From recital photos to headshots and family portraits, the Brickstone Media team has a dedicated space for all types of photography needs. Plus, because we like to share, we’re opening up the space to local photographers that need to rent a photo studio. Limited dates and times are available!

  1. Wedding and Quince Choreography

Surprise your wedding or quince guests with a customized choreographed dance routine. Whether you want to break it down to your favorite hip hop song or learn to waltz, our team can make it happen.

  1. Bachelorette and Birthday Parties

Looking for a unique experience for your bachelorette or birthday party?  Book a dance party for you and your friends. Our new Miami dance studio location has private rooms for all types of unique dance celebrations.

Our open spaces are also idea for yoga classes, boot camps, and more so we’re opening up the studio to other fitness trainers in Miami looking to host classes!  The possibilities are (almost) endless and we’re thrilled to share Mady’s Dance Factory’s new location with you.

Summer of Dance

What thoughts come to mind when you think of summer? Hot weather, school break, vacations, camps, connecting with others? You can enjoy all of these at Mady’s Dance Factory because we have a summer schedule packed full of classes, camps, and events for children and adults of all ages and all levels.

Express Yourself

Movement and mobility are natural forms of expression and can convey thoughts and emotions—many times better than words. Dancing offers a feeling of freedom and joy and is a way to connect with others in ways that verbal communication cannot. At Mady’s Dance Factory, we aim to maintain an uplifting, motivating, and supportive environment where dancers experience this joy and transformation on the body and soul through dance.

Personal Development

From hip hop, to jazz, to contemporary, to even yoga, we want our dancers to explore movement in all its expressions. For instance, modern dance is a contemporary form of dance that uses the body as a means of communication through movement. Our Contemporary 2 class is uniquely designed for teens to learn creativity through moving their bodies. Developing creative aptitude helps teens solve problems, become inquisitive, and experiment. Likewise, in our Jazz class, students learn to be quick-thinkers while rehearsing the rhythmic movements and patterns in jazz. Yet, they also learn to be flexible and adaptable to change as they move to their own beat with the music.

Teams Inspire Dreams

Finally, our Dream Team and Dancing Lites are where teens foster both personal and professional skills, as well as simply have fun! Team members must collaborate with one another to build routines using a variety of dance forms. Dancers learn trust, empathy, and encouragement as they support one another to achieve a goal. Most importantly, our dancers are dedicated to not only their team members, but to themselves to learn the movements and routines. Dance inspires personal growth and achievement. The effects of dance on teens’ mind, body, and soul are limitless as every individual experiences dance as their authentic self and can use the lessons from dance to inspire their own passions.

We are very pleased to announce that Mady’s Dance Factory is moving! Many of you have already seen the gorgeous mural outside of our new location and guessed the address during our scavenger hunt last month. On June 10th, we will be opening our doors to our brand new studio. The construction of the new Mady’s Dance Factory has been a labor of love.

We are happy to bring this large space to life with all of our students. This new location features more rooms to expand our existing classes for kids and adults. You will also notice the updated lighting and sound to make the experience just that much better. We are also looking forward to introducing you to our outdoor space perfect for summer camp lunches. The new studio will even have a photography space which will be home to Brickstone Media.

Although we will be saying goodbye to our current location, we’ll be leaving with so many great memories and ready to make some new ones. Join us at our Grand Opening Sunday, June 10th and celebrate with all of us at Mady’s Dance Factory.

Our celebration will be fun for the entire family featuring:

Ribbon cutting ceremony
Music by a local DJ
Dance Performances
Food Trucks
Bounce House
Semo Dance Classes
Special Guests
& so much more.

You won’t want to miss it!
Date: Sunday, June 10th
Time: 1PM - 4PM
Address: 7300 NE 4th CT. Miami, FL 33130

We have so many surprises in store for you! See you then.

Please click here to RSVP: