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Benefits of Dance during Quarantine

As staying at home becomes our new normal, it’s important to continue to do the things that make us happy and are a part of our daily routines. For many of us, this is dance! While nothing can ever replace the face to face interaction of an in-studio dance class, virtual classes offer the next best thing. Online dance classes have many benefits for dancers. We’ve listed just a few of them below!

Routine and Normalcy

Virtual dance classes allow dancers to continue an activity at home that’s an important component of their daily routine. Even when you're stuck indoors, you can still do many of the things you enjoy and maintain a sense of normalcy.

Social Interaction

Dancing from home provides interaction with instructors and other dancers. During this social distancing period, it’s important to have contact with friends and communicate!

Practice Makes Perfect

Dance is an exercise and requires consistent practice to maintain form, technique, posture, and stamina. Online dance education is a continuation of the skills and techniques dancers have already learned in class. By taking a virtual dance class, you'll be guided by an instructor who will help you in improving your dance skills and learning new ones.

Try Different Styles

Virtual dance classes also give you more flexibility in schedule and the opportunity to take classes you normally wouldn’t. Use this time to step out of your comfort zone and learn a new style of dance like contemporary, hip hop, jazz or ballet.

Mental Health

Dancing has been shown to raise endorphin levels and elevate your mood. Finding ways to cope with your mental and physical health is very important during this quarantine period. Dance provides the perfect outlet to eliminate stress and create a positive mindset!

We couldn't imagine a world without dance! If you're looking for virtual dance classes, Mady's Dance Factory offers a weekly schedule of ballet, hip hop, contemporary, acrobatics and toddlers dance classes. Contact us at to get more information and signup.

Meet Some Of Our Dancers And Their Love for Virtual Classes:





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