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The Art of Choreography: Dance to Grow Life Skills

The definition of, choreography, is: “the art of symbolically representing dancing.” Dancing is a way of moving the body to express meaning and ideas or tell a story. Mady’s Dance Factory has classes for all types of dance including hip hop, ballet, jazz and tap, acrobatics, and more, as well as many classes for adults. We want to teach our dancers a variety of movements so they can explore developing their own choreography that expresses their unique ideas or story they want to tell.


By experimenting with different dance types and using their imagination, students are able to artistically express their personality—their own individuality—through dance. Students can select from their “choreography toolkit” the dance types they want to use to design an original routine illustrating who they are. Our Leaps and Turns class challenges dancers to hone their technique of specific movements enabling them to better articulate meaning through motion. Check out our monthly dance challenges for a creative outlet!


Working with others to design routines and performing team choreography in sync with one another cultivates a supportive and collaborative environment. In our Acro class, students are gently guided to increase their flexibility and balance and learn discipline and muscle control. Working on teams requires concentration, the ability to remain focused, and the willingness to compromise. These are valuable skills to have both in school and in today’s work environment.


Whether one of our dancers wants to continue dancing in preparation to be a professional dancer or for the motivation it gives them to pursue their own passions, developing choreography increases students’ professionalism. A large part of developing a dance routine involves understanding one’s audience and making it interesting for them. While a choreographer strives to express their individuality, they must also make their performance entertaining and enjoyable. Our choreographers and dancers spend a great deal of time inventing, revising, and practicing their routines in order to ensure their dance routine engages their audience.


Choreography is the arrangements of movements that a dancer performs to express meaning, share ideas, and tell a story. Choreography stimulates dancers’ personal development, mentally challenges dancers, and polishes students’ professionalism. Most of all, dancing motivates students to inspire others by sharing their passion for dance.

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