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Summer Camp Is Almost Here!

As the end of May approaches, we’re closer to summer months and all of the activities that come with school being out! One of the most engaging actives for kids during the summer is attending summer camp. Just because school is out, that doesn’t mean kids can’t find ways to stay active and spend time with their friends. The eight weeks between school ending and starting provides a vital opportunity to grow and gain an advantage in life skills. There are also camps that allow kids to focus on their favorite sports or extracurricular activities. For example, summer camp at Mady’s Dance Factory’s places an emphasis on dance technique and performance. Below we’ve listed some of the top reasons why summer camp is important!

  1. Summer dance camp helps dancers work on their technique or learn something new. Dance is a sport and learned technique that requires practice. Taking a few months off increases the risk that kids forget the skills they’ve worked hard to learn. By attending a dance camp over the summer, they’ll be able to continue perfecting their talents and even learn new styles of dance.
  2. Summer camp eases the absence from school. Making the transition to summer can be tough for kids. They’re without their friends, teachers, and daily routines. Summer camp provides an environment for kids to be active without electronics and video games. This break encourages them to discover their creativity and interests.
  3. Summer camp instills and helps to build confidence. With activity and growth comes success and failure. Whether it’s basketball or dance, each activity comes with its own set of milestones and tests. These may be familiar to your child or something brand new. By getting into the dance studio and learning how to properly turn or leap, an increase in confidence will result.
  4. Summer camp provides an opportunity to make friends. Camp is the place where kids make some of their best friends. All the fun they’ll have at camp allows them to bond over activities, dance together, laugh, and have a great time.
  5. Summer encourages personal growth. Camp is the perfect place for kids to practice making decisions for themselves and figure out how to tackle problems. Children can lean on their peers for support as well as their teachers. As decision marking continues, children will feel more comfortable being independent.

If you’re looking for a summer camp where your child will learn dance techniques, make friends, and build confidence, check out the summer camp at Mady’s Dance Factory. Our camp is open to ages 5 to 17 and each week focuses on a different theme or dance skill. Spots are limited, so don’t wait to sign up!

Summer Dance Camp Juniors Video

Summer Dance Camp Mini  Video

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