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Nail That Audition! / Mady Richmond

Well since it’s audition season I’ve decided to share some pointers that I have learned throughout the years on auditioning!

The word “Audition” can feel so intimidating and let’s be honest, SCARY! I remember my first Florida Marlins audition. I was so sick I had a huge throat infection that was literally having the best of me. I walked into the room and there were hundreds of beautiful dancers. I though… there is no way I’m going to survive this. I remember the first round was Freestyling, and well sick and all we can always work our freestyle, right? So that round was an A+ !

Then, it came down to learning choreography and let's just say I had to sit out that entire time while all the dancers rehearsed and learned the dance because my cold was getting the best of me. Luckily, I implemented the strategies that I’m going to share with you today and let's just say I made it to the next round! Long story, short I was able to redeemed myself in the boot camp that followed auditions and I made the Florida Marlins Mermaids!

So here are the steps to kick that Auditions tush!


Be prepared, and make sure you bring everything you need to the audition. Some auditions require headshots, fee, resume, ext. You may be a spectacular dancer and perhaps be the best one there but lets say they required a headshot… and you didn’t bring one. Well chances are you will be cut because they wont remember who you are when they are making the final decisions since theres no picture to refer to. I’ve been a judge many times and have seen this happen as well. So, easy peazy, lemon squeezy, just be prepared!

Step 2: On time is late, Early is on time.

Arrive Early with a lot of time to warm up. Make sure you had a light Nutritious breakfast at least an hour before auditions(No waffles with overload of Nutella ladies and gentlemen).

Step 3: Dress The Part

Do your research. If you are auditioning for a team, look up the team and match their theme and style. You want them to see that you are the “Perfect Fit”.

Step 4:  Appearance and Personality are key

Show others your graceful, jolly and respectful personality from beginning to end. Greet others, treat them with respect, and SMILE… Did I mention Smile? Smiling is so important as you are not only auditioning to dance but you are selling your shinning personality that fans want to see.

Step 5: Don’t get lost in the crowd

Stand in the front of the room where you are visible and of course where you can see the choreographer teaching the routine.  If you are having a hard time with the dance you may want to stay further back until you master the routine. Once mastered move up and WOW them.

Step 6: Work it!

Work it, work it, work it. Make sure you are dancing FULL out every time people! No marking, you came to make the team and you must demonstrate your ability to keep up and always demonstrate that you have potential to continue to grow! So whip out your best facials and full energy.

Step 7: When ALL else Fails

Alright, lets say you are nervous and you blanked out in the choreography or you are sick and had a similar episode to mine… FREESTYLE! Show these judges that you are a talented dancer! Bust out you’re best turns, leaps, extensions and tricks…If you got it, show it with a load of facials and personality! Seriously, we have all been in those moments where you just black out and  the last thing you want to do is stand there like you saw Casper the friendly Ghost and have them miss out on having you on their team because your froze


Listen, you can only be you. In other words, the best way to prepare is to dance daily. Go to all your dance classes and give it 100% so that when its time to audition your body and mind are used to dancing and memorizing.

Be yourself and Enjoy it, if you don’t make it the first time don’t crawl up in a ball of pity, instead TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN. You are not allowed to stop dreaming because you had a small nightmare. Instead, wake up, start over and work on making that dream a reality!

Written By: Mady Richmond

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