Summer Dance Camp in Miami

Summer break is one of the best times for your child to explore their creative side. However, finding fun yet productive activities can be challenging when they have so much time. Give them a fantastic summer experience by enrolling them in our Miami dance camp.

We designed our program to challenge all participants regardless of their current abilities or background and encourage their growth. They’re sorted into groups based on age and skill level. They’ll participate in various activities to help each other develop their skills.

The dance camp’s main activities include entertaining lessons for many different dance forms, such as Hip-Hop, Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary, Jazz, Acrobatics, and Tumbling. Your child will also get the chance to perform in a large production to showcase what they learned throughout the camp.

Enroll your child in our dance camp in Miami. Call us at (305) 239-0226, email us at, or fill out our contact form to talk to our team and learn more.

Other Activities Offered

Our dancers will participate in different events, including arts and crafts projects, field day games, themed parties, team bonding, and more. A professional, experienced staff leads the camp with help from assistants. We also have a low student-to-staff ratio.

More than the chance to learn dance techniques, our camp will teach youngsters self-confidence, leadership, and social skills. Your child will make friends, challenge themselves and learn dance basics.

Enroll your child in a dance summer camp near you and watch their ambitions come to life.


Summer is

Best Summer Dance Camp
in Miami

Register your child today for Summer Camp
at Mady’s Dance Factory.

June 8th
July 31st

Monday – Friday
9:00AM – 4:00 PM
Early Drop Off: 8:30 AM

Space is limited.

Full Day Camp Hours 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Early Drop Off: 8:30AM

Pre-Care & After Care Available

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Campers Age 6-8

Campers Age 9-17

Camp Activities

  • Dance Styles:
    • Hip Hop
    • Ballet
    • Pointe
    • Contemporary
    • Jazz
    • Acrobatics
    • Tumbling
    • Technique
    • Tik Tok Classes
  • Leadership Workshops
    • Community Service Projects
  • Fun Activities:
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Field Day Games
    • Themed Party’s
    • Team Bonding

Summer Dance Camp Guidelines

Ensure your child understands our guidelines to make the most of their time and remain focused.

Dance Attire

Your child may wear their choice of dance attire. However, we do not allow jeans, jewelry, and other clothes or accessories that are hard to move in or could get snagged.

Dance Shoes

Your child will require proper dance shoes to ensure ease of movement and safety. At a minimum, they will need sneakers, tap shoes, and ballet shoes.

Cell Phones

Your child must turn their phone off and turn it in at the front desk before classes begin.