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History of Hip Hop in Miami

 A Look at the History of Miami Hip Hop

When it comes to Hip Hop music, most people will think of New York or Los Angeles. Yet, Miami was once a center for hip hop culture and is currently undergoing a resurgence of the music scene. The vibrant history of Miami Hip Hop seems to ebb and flow like South Beach’s tide. A musical story that we at Mady’s Dance Factory love to incorporate into our Hip Hop and other dance classes.

90’s Miami Hip Hop

It wasn’t until the early 1990’s that Miami started to become a playground for the hip hop industry. Acts like 2 Live Crew, Luke, Poison Clan, DJ Uncle Al, and DJ Laz provided the background playlist for b-boys, b-girls, and rebellious graffiti artists. Even though these hip hop acts are not given as much recognition as their New York and LA peers, without them, you may never have had many of today’s top artists including Mr. 305, Pitbull.

At Mady’s Dance Factory, we throwback to this time in Miami by featuring break dancing in many of our classes, especially in Boys Hip Hop classes and our adult female dance class, Slay Fitness. We hope to develop the next generation of hip hop lovers and wake up the inner fan in all of us!

Miami Hip Hop Now

Due to the fast development and gentrification of the city, the Miami hip hop scene seemed to fade away for a while after the early 2000’s. Miami hip hop is incorporated into the hip hop dance classes at Mady's Dance Factory.But that brief pause in the history of Miami Hip Hop soon  gave way to today’s popular hip hop acts. Acts such as DJ Khaled, who famously used Snapchat to help his rise from local DJ on 99 Jamz to global superstardom! Now, many of the world’s top pop and hip hop hits are created here in Miami. “We the best!” Indeed.

At Mady’s Dance Factory, today’s top beats, including those with a distinct Latin flavor, serve as the backdrop for our hip hop dance classes. Our hope is for our dancers to develop into top-tier artists that can then contribute to Miami hip hop and music scenes for years to come!

Do want to learn more about how our dance classes can shape your child into a multi-talented and competitive artist? Call us or sign up for classes today!

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