Adult Slay Fitness

Adult Slay Fitness

The former Florida Marlins Dancer, Mady Richmond created a women only
workout in a safe zone where girlfriends can dance to popular Hip Hop,
Reggae, Rap and Pop Music called Slay Fitness. Slay fitness has a nightclub
vibe, with low lighting, flashing lights and sounds of popular artists. The
dance routines integrate partner training and is Infused with fast and slow
movements that aim to tone the body. Get ready to sweat and Slay!


Mady’s Dance Factory Blends Nightclub Dancing With Fitness

Before hitting the club with your bottle full of bub on New Year’s, hit up Mady’s Dance Factory in Miami. They’ve got a class called “Slay Fitness” that combines nightclub dancing and fitness.

It’s a workout like no other. Take it from me. I checked it out the other day and managed to embarrass myself to no end. Please watch with your hands over your eyes.

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