Juniors & Teens Hip Hop 1

Top Hip-Hop Dance Class in Miami

Mady’s Dance Factory’s holds Hip-Hop Dance Classes in Miami for youngsters aged 11 to 17. Hip-hop choreography and style are introduced in our hip-hop class. Students learn quick motions and skills while dancing and listening to today’s hit music.

We associate hip hop dance with a wide range of energetic and contemporary music. Musicality, grooves, endurance, spatial awareness, performance, or expression are among skills practiced in hip-hop dance classes.

Whether your child is a casual or avid fan of hip-hop, they’ll enjoy a fun and rigorous dance class that will have them dancing like their favorite stars in one week.

Learning the Fundamentals

We’ll focus on routines inspired by some of today’s top superstars and choreographers while dancing to the freshest sounds in R&B, rap, and pop music. As part of a full hip-hop technique and choreography, they’ll master the basics of popping, tutting, waving, locking, breaking, and more.

Hip-hop is a fantastic way to channel that energy into something fun, enjoyable, and rewarding. It’s also a terrific way to exercise, so the advantages are countless. Classes are open to both boys and girls.

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