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Ballet Creative Dance Classes

Mady’s Dance Factory aims to develop students so they can express themselves while also developing those core skills needed. Ballet Creative Dance Classes facilitates motor skill development through the art of learning body awareness, balance, flexibility, agility, stamina, spatial awareness and so much more!

Ballet Creative Dance is one where we train our dancers to explore the all the elements of dance whilst including the elements of ballet. Students enrolled in Ballet Creative Dance will Dancers will learn the core skills of ballet while adding that twist that creative dance allows.

As the dancer refines and progresses in their skills, our instructors will lead them onto more advanced techniques. All those techniques and skills will soon turn into a ballet choreography with the guidance of our instructors.

Our instructors consist of professional dancers that have had extensive experience in the dance world, but more specifically in the mixture of ballet and creative dance. They are well-versed in leading and guiding dancers through various exercises and movements. Through a comprehensive ballet curriculum and excellent instructors, your dancer can learn the fundamentals of ballet while incorporating the elements of creative dance.

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