Acro Dance Classes for Children in Miami

Kids’ Acro Dance Classes

Acrobatics meets dance in Mady’s Dance Factory’s acro dance classes for kids in Miami!

Acro dance is a unique and beautiful fusion of classic dance techniques and elegant and dynamic elements from acrobatics. Our acro dance classes also seamlessly blend musical rhythm and emotional expression with acrobatic movements within the context of dance.

At Mady’s Dance Factory, experienced acro dance instructors teach young students between the ages of 6 and 17 fundamental acrobatic techniques, like handstands, back bends, cartwheels, and contortion. Through these, the students improve their flexibility, balance, and strength, among many other benefits.

As the classes progress, our acro dance students will learn how to use acrobatic techniques and have them flow seamlessly into their movements for a full dance choreography.

Students will learn under the supervision of professional dance instructors who take them to the next levels of the curriculum only when they are ready. This reduces the potential for injury and ensures the kids are comfortable mastering different techniques.