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Summer of Dance = Personal Development

Summer of Dance

What thoughts come to mind when you think of summer? Hot weather, school break, vacations, camps, connecting with others? You can enjoy all of these at Mady’s Dance Factory because we have a summer schedule packed full of classes, camps, and events for children and adults of all ages and all levels.

Express Yourself

Movement and mobility are natural forms of expression and can convey thoughts and emotions—many times better than words. Dancing offers a feeling of freedom and joy and is a way to connect with others in ways that verbal communication cannot. At Mady’s Dance Factory, we aim to maintain an uplifting, motivating, and supportive environment where dancers experience this joy and transformation on the body and soul through dance.

Personal Development

From hip hop, to jazz, to contemporary, to even yoga, we want our dancers to explore movement in all its expressions. For instance, modern dance is a contemporary form of dance that uses the body as a means of communication through movement. Our Contemporary 2 class is uniquely designed for teens to learn creativity through moving their bodies. Developing creative aptitude helps teens solve problems, become inquisitive, and experiment. Likewise, in our Jazz class, students learn to be quick-thinkers while rehearsing the rhythmic movements and patterns in jazz. Yet, they also learn to be flexible and adaptable to change as they move to their own beat with the music.

Teams Inspire Dreams

Finally, our Dream Team and Dancing Lites are where teens foster both personal and professional skills, as well as simply have fun! Team members must collaborate with one another to build routines using a variety of dance forms. Dancers learn trust, empathy, and encouragement as they support one another to achieve a goal. Most importantly, our dancers are dedicated to not only their team members, but to themselves to learn the movements and routines. Dance inspires personal growth and achievement. The effects of dance on teens’ mind, body, and soul are limitless as every individual experiences dance as their authentic self and can use the lessons from dance to inspire their own passions.

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