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April is an exciting month at Mady’s Dance Factory! We're officially counting down to two MAJOR events happening within our dance family. First, we’re gearing up for one of our favorite times of the year - summer. It's time for another great year of summer camp!

Mady's Dance Factory Summer Camp is a great way for our young ones to meet new friends, try new dance styles, watch movies and have fun with hands-on crafts. Not to mention weekly field trips, dance parties and so much more. We will also be taking the time to brush up on some dancing skills. We’ll be working on: Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Leaps and Turns, Lyrical, Jazz Funk, Acro and EVEN ACTING!

That brings us to the second major happening! We’re thrilled to announce that we will be hosting this year’s summer camp at our brand new studio! We know you’ll love the additional rooms so dancers can practice within their own age groups and fun outdoor spaces for kids to enjoy.

To celebrate our upcoming summer camp and new studio launch, we invite you to participate in our challenge to uncover the location of Mady’s new dance studio. The dancers who solve our riddle correctly will have the chance to win one free week at dance camp, a Golden Ticket to a private tour before the studio’s grand opening. Find out how to enter below:

Scavenger Hunt for Mady’s New Dance Studio!

Starting April 16th, 2018 you will be able to spot clues in our social media posts (Facebook & Instagram). We will be sharing clues through April 27th and announcing our winner at random on May 1st, 2018.

Here’s how to win: Use the clues provided to assemble the address to our new studio. When you’re ready, share a video with the correct address on Facebook or Instagram, and tell us what excites you most about this year’s summer camp. Don’t forget! Tag us to complete your entry to the contest.

You could win one free week at Summer Camp and a Golden Ticket to a private tour of the new studio so make sure to submit your entry by April 30th to be selected!

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