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Leaps, Turns, and Tilts Dance Classes

Our Leaps, Turns, and Tilts classes are designed to accentuate and administer the quality of our dancers skills. Our instructors provide the proper exercises for successful leaps, turns and tilts. As the students learn the basics, develop a foundation for the complex skills learned, and build a stronger base the Instructors will progress with the dancer. As the dancer progresses the Instructor will begin providing more advanced and complex techniques.

Professional dancers with extensive backgrounds teach our leaps, turns and tilt classes. They are well-versed in guiding young ones through various exercises and movements. With a comprehensive curriculum and excellent instructors, your child can learn the fundamentals to leap across any stage confidently.

Let your child develop a love and passion for dance when you enroll them in our Leaps, Turns, and Tilt dance classes.

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