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Step Up to the Top Hip-Hop Dance Class in Miami

Get your child to learn dance skills with hip hop dance classes in Miami. Taking up dance is a great way to put their energy to good use, giving them plenty of cardiovascular exercise and opening up opportunities for them to discover new skills and express themselves through dance.

Dance is an excellent way to learn personal expression and musicality, and kids get to enjoy learning with others of their age in hip hop classes. They’ll also learn confidence, athleticism, discipline, teamwork, and determination, all in an environment that is fun and supportive.

Our facilities are private and safe, and we’ll prioritize your child’s safety and security at all times.

Nurture your teen’s love of dance through Miami hip hop dance classes and watch them move to the music like their favorite stars in no time!

Learning from the Ground Up

One of the best features of these hip hop dance classes in Miami is being able to learn from experienced teachers, learning the movements and techniques from the ground up. Our Miami hip hop dance classes are open to boys and girls aged 11 to 17.

Our routines are inspired by dance superstars and famous choreographers to motivate students to learn and have a great time. They’ll learn popping and locking, breaking, tutting, and a host of other moves used by the best hip hop dance crews Our dance classes in Miami can be some of the most rewarding experiences for a young person. Call us at 305-239-0226 for inquiries, or fill out our online form here.

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Make your child’s birthday extra special with our party rentals. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs. Call us at (305) 239-0226 or email us at You can also fill out our online form.

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