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Get Ready for the Circus!

Circus Beatz End of Year Show Preview

Come one, come all to the greatest show on earth!

Why will it be the greatest? Because YOUR children are in it, of course!

The theme of the 2018 Mady's Dance Factory end of year show is Circus Beatz.  And, your daughters and sons have been working really hard to bring the magic of the circus to you.

We can't give away all of the surprises - what fun would that be?  But, we can share a few sneak peaks.


Lions, elephants and dancers - oh my!

Hip hop dancing lions, pirouetting elephants and an acro performance dogs are all making an appearance at Circus Beatz.


Death-defying tricks

Don't worry! No child was put in danger during the making of Circus Beatz but there will be mini-lion tamers, a snake tamer and hip hopping cannon ballers and tight rope walkers.


The most talent you can pack into one room

Our dancers are pushing their skills to the limit.  Ready to wow you with their skills are unicycling dancers, acrobatic magicians, hoolah hooping masters and mimes.


Guest appearance

What's the perfect accompaniment to dance? Singing of course!  We have a special guest performance at this year's show. Here's a few hints:

  • She started pursuing singing as a career when she was six years old
  • She was born in Miami to Venezuelan parents
  • She has over 83K Instagram followers
  • She was a contestant on "La Voz Kids"

Any guesses? Ok, ok, it's Daniela Knight!  (We're so bad at keeping secrets! )

With so much fun in store, this year's end of year performance is one you definitely can't miss.  Tickets are now on sale (and be sure to grab one for los abuelos y la tia!):

We can't wait to see you at the circus!

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