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a photobooth can really do

Rental Photobooth for Events


Combining high-end photography gear with instant results is only the beginning. From the lights to the background and everything in between.

Share, Capture, Stream

We are rapidly evolving the way spontaneous photography integrates into your event. Share to any phone right from our integrated display. Capture participant contact information and export them for email or social media follow up. Post images straight to social media and host contests all in one amazing experience.

Take it with You

Is it too much to ask for awesome photos to be available when you take them? Not anymore! Get your high quality archival prints on site, on demand – as many as you need. Memories are made in a moment, now you can take that moment home with you.

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Luxury Backdrops

Its all About You

From high end sequins to green screen we have options to fit your event


Want something created just for you. Lets design the perfect backdrop.


Brand the photo booth screens to match your brand identify perfectly! Colors, fonts, logos, you name it, our designers will create it.

Despite the several communication platforms that the internet offers, email remains the most important and the most widely used. There is no other way to build a consistent relationship with your clients, guests and donors. Not only that, but email is an important identifier that allows you to tailor your message and marketing specifically to your event’s guests.

Marketing Emails

From Newsletters to Promotional Emails, regular contact is what builds that relationship that takes someone from prospect to customer and keeps them coming back for more.

Targeted Social Ads

With your email list you can tell Facebook and instagram EXACTLY who you want to see your ad, Set up a post-event campaign that will make one time guests frequent customers.

Text Images Instantly

Whats the points of a dark, bad lighting selfie when guests can have a professional portrait delivered to their phone within seconds? They will love looking good and you’ll love the instant exposure as they can’t help but share it all over social media.

Increase your
social media

95% of people will provide an email

Only 2% will share images on twitter

1 in 10 will share their image on instagram

And hashtag it as instructed in our text message

Incentives increase sharing by 75%

Giftcards or prizes are a big hit

Drive Posts

Social media has become the norm. rather than the exception. Your guests WILL post to social media. The question is, what will they post and where will it be?

Be Targeted

By targeting the social media platform and providing incentives to your guests you can drastically increase your exposure and following.

Plan & Executed

We can help you create a social media plan that fits your needs so that your event and images get the most recognition. Once the event is completed we will provide a full report on the event.


If Instagram is your social media goal the best way to drive massive posts with hashtags, tags and follows is an Instagram contest.

Guests will post to Instagram with your custom hashtag sent to them straight from the booth with their picture. Gift cards and prizes are a big hit and the buzz it creates will have you “trending” in no time.

Private Online Gallery

A private online gallery just for you and your guests to download and print the template or the individual images. Also your organization can download ALL the photos from the event to use for your marketing, newsletters and social media.

Every Brand experience includes: