Ballet Classes for Toddlers in Miami

Ballet Dance Classes for Kids in Miami

Mady’s Dance Factory is a dance school in Miami, FL offering ballet dance classes for young children ages 3 to 6.

Students enrolled in our ballet classes will learn the basics of ballet. We start with essential ballet vocabulary so students can familiarize themselves with the terms that will help them understand and perform ballet properly. 

Barre exercises, stretches, and posture are also a part of the curriculum. These fundamentals will help them condition their bodies to perform ballet moves fluidly and effortlessly.

Once the students learn the basics of ballet, they can move on to practicing and perfecting ballet moves. Our instructors will guide them through each motion as they progress into more advanced techniques that, combined, will turn into a full ballet choreography.

Professional dancers with extensive backgrounds in ballet teach our ballet classes. They are well-versed in guiding young ones through various exercises and movements. With a comprehensive ballet curriculum and excellent instructors, your child can learn the fundamentals to pirouette across any stage confidently.

Even better, our ballet classes for kids not only develop our students’ ballet dancing skills. They also help the students develop meaningful friendships with other class participants. Your child will get all these benefits when you enroll them in our toddler ballet dance classes.